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Board Level Repairs

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Board Repair

This service is to repair all logic board


Please choose the specific micro soldering repair service that you need, if your phone needs multiple repairs then simply add them all to the basket and checkout.


Our most common services for this board are the Audio IC repair, the tristar repair and the no power repair, we sometimes get Baseband problems with this phone that can be fixed although the baseband repair can be a tricky one and isn't always fixable.

Other repairs like tristar, greyed out WiFi, pry damage and blown board components can also be fixed, just select the appropriate repair from the drop down.


Just to add to the information about the baseband repair, there are several different failure modes and 2 different types of baseband circuits in these phones. More phones use a Qualcomm chipset and some use an Intel chipset. They are both prone to failure but the Qualcomm chipset seems to have a better outcome since we sometimes find that the Intel ones cause the baseband CPU to fail short circuit and cant be fixed as a result.

All prier soldering Repairs are non Refundable.