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Water Damage Repair Kidderminster

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What causes liquid or physical motherboard damage?
As you can imagine, the main cause of liquid damaged is an accidental spill, flooding or being caught out in the rain. The liquid can cause a variety of issues to the chips and electronics of the motherboard including corrosion and chip failure.

How do we repair liquid or physical motherboard damage?
We complete these repairs on a case-by-case basis. Liquid/motherboard damage has a varying severity depending on factors like how much liquid is on the board, the actions taken after the liquid damage happened and what parts of the electronics have been affected.

The charge for this service is non-refundable. It covers us diagnosing motherboard faults, and the initial clean up of any damage using our advanced equipment.

Sometimes, just cleaning up boards can repair a device and no further charge is required.

Once we have cleaned up and diagnosed the fault, any extra parts or work needed will be quoted to you prior to continuing with any further chargeable work.

If you decline any additional work, we will return your device without any further fees being applied.