Micro soldering

At W.C.A.P.R. we have a team of qualified repair technicians who have over 50 years combined experience in soldering. Our assets include market leading specialist soldering equipment and machinery. We offer 3 levels of soldering services. General Soldering, Micro Soldering and Nano Soldering.

We can repair printed circuit boards more commonly known as logic boards or motherboards which have failed due to damaged surface mounted components such as FPC connectors, ICs, dry joints, resistors, capacitors, filters, coils etc.

General day to day repairs here at W.C.A.P.R. consists of the following;

SMD Component Replacement - Surface Mounted Components i.e., Fuses, Filters, Diodes, Resistors, Coils, Integrated Circuits

FFC / FPC Connector Replacement - Board Connectors for connections to the motherboard such as LCD displays, flex cables etc

Micro USB Port Replacement - 5 Pin Micro USB Component for Power, Charging, Data Transfer on Smartphones etc

SIM Card Reader Replacement - 6 Pin SIM Connector for Subscriber Identity Module recognition (Full Size, Micro, Nano)

Backlight Line Repair - Rebuilding the Backlight Line on the motherboard to enable the LCD display light to function

Coaxial Connector Replacement - Board Connector for the transfer of signal from one part of the PCB to another

We can replace any component on any printed circuit board subject to part availability, we also have the ability to re-wire components with damaged or missing surface traces also known as solder pads. This is a very specialist field, and we are continuously expanding and exploring new avenues to reduce waste and being able to repair electronics which in turn reduces electronic waste going to landfills.  This means that what is classed as BER 'Beyond Economic Repair' by other repair centres can actually be repaired and warranted by ourselves.

We offer repairs on all smartphone motherboard/logic board/pcb replacement/repair services, including water damaged devices and data recovery. We are experts in motherboard repairs and offer all types of micro and nano soldering repair services nationwide. Whether the phone is dead and does not power on due to board failure, or you want your internal components on the circuit board repairing, we have the correct parts in stock ready for repair.

Simply order the repair service by selecting your device, post the smartphone by following the instructions in the confirmation email, and leave the rest to us!

We only use genuine manufacturer parts and offer a 1-year warranty for the repair. We have a rapid instant turnaround time which is usually only 1 to 3 days (this maybe a little longer depending on the complexity of the repair. Please message before checking out if you have any questions). Within this time frame, we repair your phone and post it back to you.

If you cannot find the correct service or device, simply message us and we will get back to you immediately.