T & C


**£25.00** inspection fee (counted towards the final repair cost) must be paid before inspection is conducted
Owner agreed that all fees due must be paid upfront before any repair except for software, Data Recovery which Must be paid within thirty (30) days from the date Device is repaired; your Device will be kept in lieu of payment after the thirty (30) days period.
(1) The device owner had agreed and read the disclaimers of WCAPR (read the relevant printed disclaimers on phone repair).
(2) Owner had backup all the important data before handling phone over for inspection or repair
(3) WCAPR are not liable for phone’s termination (permanent disabled) due to any pre-existing conditions (e.g. water damage, software tempering or impact damage)
(4) Owner must be ready to reply to repair cost confirmation via email or voice call.
(5 All repaired device must be paid for in full within thirty (30) days; otherwise the device will be kept in lieu of payment.
There is no exception to this unless prior written consent were given
(6) WCAPR will provide a LIFETIME warranty on ALL repair work done. Date is counted from the first message, direct phone call or email we sent to customer on repaired done. (Excludes Water damage, prior repair work not carried out by wcapr and accidental damage)
(7) You must retain the payment record and repair report to claim warranty.
(8) warranty will be void if warranty sticker is removed from inside any device which mean no warranty/refunds given if no sticker or broken sticker found.
Cancellation -
Once we have arranged for DPD to collect your unit you are not able to cancel. For local drop off or mail in customers, once a repair has been started, you are not able to cancel. 

Refunds -
If we find no fault after work has begun on your device, and you request the unit back, the refund due is the total cost, less that of an inspection fee of £25.00 and courier charges.
If your unit has liquid/water damage, the inspection fee will instead be replaced by the liquid/motherboard damage assessment (£45). This acts as a non-refundable purchase as the unit will be stripped, go through our ultrasonic cleaner, dried out and have components tested.
Full repair refunds shall only be issued if your unit is returned under warranty and is unrepairable, or, fails 3 times while under warranty.
The express option if chosen, is none refundable, regardless of repair outcome.
This does not affect your statutory rights 

Useful Information for Phone Owner


Before you send your phone off to repair…
(1) You must backup all phone data if possible
(2) You must read, understand all the disclaimers stipulated on our site https://www.wcapr.co.uk
(3) You must be above 18 years to sign the service contract and agreed to the terms and condition for mobile phone repair.

What to do next?
(1) Call us at 07712100207 or email us at service@wcapr.co.uk about phone repair.
(2) Fill in the Service Request Form. Pack phone with bubble sheet
(3) All phone should be sent by (signature-required shipping only) for best shipping.
(4) Please contact us for our latest repair turnaround time.

What you can expect:
(1) Our repair Tec will inform you the receipt and repair progress of your device. It takes 1 day to perform inspection and 1-3 days to repair your device unless use express service which will cost £20.00 for a faster turnaround.
(2) Kindly pay £25.00 inspection fee for EACH device into WCAPR account, using your surname as your reference.
(3) You will be notified of the cost of repair (£25.00 should be deduct from the final cost).
(4) Your payment should be cash, card, or bank transfer for the repair cost, and we will ship back your devices.

Most repairs take  1-3 days. You can pay an extra £20 for a faster turnaround where we will guarantee it will be done within 1 day. Just state you want this service on the form when you fill it out.

Paying for your repair
We accept cash, card, or bank transfer.

Return Shipping
We only send back devices with royal mail sign for and DPD.

Please remember. . ..
(1) Remove your memory card, stylus, SIM card, decorative items/ pouch/casing
(2) The data of the water damage phone might be lost or damaged even before it reaches us.
(3) There is NO GUARANTEE that your data contents will be recoverable from the faulty phone.
(4) Your phone's touchscreen, LCD, data ports might be faulty or dead by liquid damage, we will do our absolute best to restore your phone to working condition.
(5) Part of phone components, clips, receptors, metal screw might be deform or broken during the course of repair due to corrosion, which might render your phone’s original casing useless (i.e. cannot be assembled back in perfect condition).

Important Reminder.
(1)  The inspection fee is NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances, including owner changing his/her decision on repair or the phone is rendered beyond economical repair.
(2)  Impact damaged or water damaged phone might have some minor cosmetic flaws after the repair. The reason is impact damage caused by owner might have damage the phone structure. Water damage would have started the corrosion, shorted out chipsets on the motherboard even before the repair process took place.
(3)  Impact or liquid damaged phone might be terminated (i.e. permanently disable/dead) during the process of repair.
(4)  ALL Prier Repairs Are NON REFUNDABLE.

What causes liquid or physical motherboard damage?
As you can imagine, the main cause of liquid damaged is an accidental spill, flooding or being caught out in the rain. The liquid can cause a variety of issues to the chips and electronics of the motherboard including corrosion and chip failure.
How do we repair liquid or physical motherboard damage?
We complete these repairs on a case-by-case basis. Liquid/motherboard damage has a varying severity depending on factors like how much liquid is on the board, the actions taken after the liquid damage happened and what parts of the electronics have been affected. 
The charge for this service is non-refundable. It covers us diagnosing motherboard faults, and the initial clean up of any damage using our advanced equipment.
Sometimes, just cleaning up boards can repair a device and no further charge is required.
Once we have cleaned up and diagnosed the fault, any extra parts or work needed will be quoted to you prior to continuing with any further chargeable work.

Please note: If the device does not work after cleaning or you don’t agree with the cost for fixing it, there will be charge of £45 water damage cleaning fee as we spend few hours following all repair procedures.